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  • Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

    We have a code of conduct to guide our professional and personal behavior. We take on responsibilities that go beyond what is legally required of us.
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Code of Ethics & Business Conduct for Suppliers

All of the values that guide our behavior are also applicable to our suppliers and contractors in their operations.

Every company we do business with must respect our ethics and conduct code for suppliers for the duration of their contract with Repsol.

Managing our operations responsibly

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    Sustainability policy

    We commit to encouraging best practices in sustainability and to understanding and analyzing our stakeholders’ expectations.
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    Health, Safety, and Environment Policy

    We carry out our activities with respect for the core values of safety, people's health, and environmental protection.
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    Risk Management Policy

    At Repsol, we have a cutting-edge Integrated Risk Management System that meets international standards.
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    Protection of Assets Policy

    Our goal is to ensure the protection of people, goods, industrial and intellectual property rights, and the operations and interests of the company.


  • Transparency and integrity guide our behavior

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Anti-Corruption Policy

We carry out all of our activities in accordance with current legislation, which applies to all of the fields and countries in which we operate.
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Communication Policy

We develop communication actions to enhance Repsol's positive reputation with honesty, integrity, transparency, and responsibility.
  • Establishing action guidelines with our stakeholders

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People Management Policy

One of our main competitive advantages resides in our employees, with whom we share relationships based on mutual trust and respect.
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Human Rights and Community Relations Policy

We are committed to acting with due diligence in human rights and to establishing solid relationships with the communities within our sphere of influence.
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Commercial Relations with Third Parties Policy

The company is committed to ensuring that its relationships with partners, suppliers, contractors, and customers are based on laws, ethical principles and the values that characterize Repsol.
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Policy on communication and contact with shareholders, investors, and proxy advisors and on the disclosure of economic-financial, non-financial, and corporate information

Our communication is guided by transparency, truthfulness, and immediacy in the dissemination of information.

Other policies

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    Corporate Tax Policy

    Repsol is committed to managing its tax affairs applying good tax practices and acting transparently.
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    Financial Policy

    Our aim is to ensure the financial solvency of the Repsol Group in order to guarantee the continuity of our businesses and their development.
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    Directors Selection Policy

    Candidates should be people whose appointment favors professional, knowledge, nationality and gender diversity on the Board of Directors.