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Nuestro compromiso con la seguridad. Un operario mira al puerto al anocher
  • A worker looking upwards from inside an industrial facility

    Committed to keeping people safe

    When it comes to safety, we pay special attention to people and their values, beliefs, behavior, and attitudes to reduce accident rates in all of our operations.
  • View of an offshore oil rig

    Prevention is key in process safety

    We have an Anticipatory Safety Program in place and manage process safety at all times to prevent industrial accidents.
  • Worker getting out of a helicopter on an oil rig

    Safe transportation by land, sea, and air

    We abide by the most stringent standards to reduce possible risks in land, air, sea, and river transportation to the furthest possible extent. We perform audits and inspections of our contractors to achieve our goal of "zero accidents."
  • An expert handling products in a laboratory

    Working to ensure our products are safe

    Managing safety throughout the entire life cycle of our products is of vital importance to our customers. We assess the risks associated with the use of our products to minimize the possible harmful effects on people and the environment.