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Process safety

Seguridad procesos operativos

Safety is a fundamental pillar in all of our processes and operations

We manage process safety throughout the whole life cycle of our activities, from the moment when a plant or process is being designed until it is dismantled.

Prevention is fundamental in process safety

We have an anticipatory Safety Program that is focused on process safety. It involves a series of initiatives that help us to control risks and manage them effectively, detecting industrial accidents before they happen.

This program has three main pillars: people, processes, and plants.

An operator at an industrial complex
  • People : The aim is to work with people and their values, beliefs, behavior, and attitudes regarding safety in order to reduce the number of accidents caused by human factors. The lines of action in this pillar are as follows: 

          - Creating a common safety culture in the company

          - Improving safety skills

  • Processes: The aim is to further integrate process safety, ensuring that safety measures and barriers work correctly. We have two lines of action within this pillar: 

          - Managing critical processes 

          - Consolidating the safety management system

  • Plants: The aim is to design, implement, and maintain adequate safety mechanisms to ensure the integrity of our facilities. Within this pillar, there are two lines of action:

- Ensuring that safety mechanisms are appropriately designed and improved 

- Checking that safety systems operate correctly using inspection, maintenance, and prevention plans

  • Ensuring safety in all of our activities

    We integrate the risk management process into all of our operations throughout the entire value chain.

Best practices

The best way to show our commitment to safety is by sharing real stories about the actions we have taken.