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Our sustainability model

Industrial complex

A model that's been integrated into the company's strategy

Our commitment to sustainability is based on six pillars: ethics and transparency, people, safe operation, resource and impact management, climate change, and innovation and technology.

The Sustainability Model helps us identify, systematize, and undertake actions that contribute to sustainable development, with criteria that go beyond what is legally required of us. We use our road maps to plan each of our activities to integrate sustainability into the decision-making processes of our businesses. We also establish control mechanisms to ensure the fulfillment of sustainability best practices, measure our progress, and achieve our objectives.

Listening to our stakeholders

Our company and our corporate and business areas communicate with their stakeholders through permanent and transparent channels and mechanisms.

We work to identify and understand their expectations with respect to our sustainability performance in a proactive and systematic manner and integrate them our internal decision-making processes.

We structure our relationship with our stakeholders at three levels: the corporate level, the country level, and the level of the operating center. At each one of these levels, our relationship requires specific mechanisms adapted to our context in order to adequately identify their needs and expectations in terms of our ethical, social, and environmental performance.

Expectation Identification Surveys allow us to learn about highly relevant internal and external matters. They are used to take actions that improve our risk management and report on the company's performance in the identified aspects.

We complete this systematic processes through the different communication channels that the business units have established with their stakeholders, dedicated channels on the company's website, the launch of surveys, and the organization of sessions to exchange good practices or disseminate matters of interest, in addition to sending out newsletters, etc.

Once the expectations of each stakeholder have been assessed, we analyze the results and take them into account in our decision-making processes.