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Repsol and sustainability

Our 2020 sustainability objectives

Sustainability objectives

Aerial view of a refinery from the top of a mountain
The Repsol Sustainability Model is aligned with the best ethical, environmental, and social practices and defines action guidelines aimed at managing at controlling the possible impacts derived from our operations throughout the entire value chain. This model is reflected in our Sustainability Plans through ambitions, medium-term objectives, and annual lines of action for each pillar of the model.

Our sustainability objectives are based on six pillars

Learn about the objectives that reflect our commitment to the sustainable development of society and the areas where carry out our operations.
  • Climate change icon

    Climate change

    We want to be part of the solution to climate change
  • Solar power icon


    We consume the resources needed to generate power more efficiently and with the least possible impact
  • Innovation icon

    Innovation and technology

    We encourage innovation and incorporate technological advances to improve and grow ourselves and our environment
  • Safety helmet icon

    Safe and secure operation

    We guarantee the safety and security of our employees, contractors, partners, and local community
  • People icon


    We are committed to people and promote their development and social environment
  • Ethics and transparency icon

    Ethics and transparency

    We act responsibly and in full wherever we are present
Climate change
Innovation and technology
Safe operation
Ethics and transparency
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[MM Imagen] Climate changeClimate change objectives


Our ambition is to be a net zero emissions company by 2050, while limiting global warming well below 2°C and complying with the Paris Agreement and in line with what is required by society. Therefore, we aim to:

  • Achieve a reduction of 1.5 million tons of CO2eq in our refining operations in Spain and Peru, Chemicals, and Exploration and Production (operated).
  • Reduce methane emission of our operated assets by 25% compared to 2017 and also cut routine flaring by half with respect to 2018.
  • Increase our capacity to generate low carbon electricity to 7,500 MW.
  • Reduce the carbon intensity indicator by 12% compared to 2017, to continue on course towards zero net CO2 emissions by 2050.
Climate change SDG
Aerial view of the facilities of an industrial complex

[MM Imagen] EnvironmentEnvironment goals


We have the ambition to maintain excellent and integrated environmental management in decision-making, to do so:

  • We prioritize actions that minimize environmental impact and optimize the use of resources.
  • We apply the circular economy wherever we operate and throughout our entire value chain, from obtaining raw materials to marketing our products and services.
  • We work to mitigate the impacts on biodiversity and the resources we obtain during the planning and development of our projects and operations.
  • We treat water as a strategic resource, ensuring its supply and quality, both when drinking it and when dumping it, minimizing any impacts as much as possible, through comprehensive management.

Environment SDG

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[MM Imagen] Innovation and technologyInnovation and technology challenges


We foster innovation and incorporate technological advances to improve and grow not just as a company but together with everything around us. Our ambition is to promote technological innovation as a driver for transformation towards more sustainable business models. To achieve this, we aim to:

  • Double the percentage of investment in technology projects (40% of the total investment in internal R&D projects) in line with the pillars of our Sustainability Model.

  • Allocate over 80% of our total investment to startups aligned with the pillars of our Sustainability Model for the 2019-2022 period.

  • Deploy the digitalization program to all areas of the Company to promote new digital solutions that lead to efficient and sustainable power generation, optimize processes, and satisfy the new ways of consuming energy.
Innovation and technology SDG
An operator wearing a helmet and safety glasses

[MM Imagen] Safe operationActions for safe operation


  • We pursue the ambition of Zero Accidents, demanding a high level of safety in our processes and facilities, paying special attention to the protection of people and the surrounding environment, also working to raise awareness of our suppliers and contractors. Our key lines of action for 2025 are focused on promoting culture, transformative leadership, safety awareness, modernization of management, and increasing the robustness of our action framework.
  • With the acceleration of the digitalization of society, secure operation also extends to digital operations, and cybersecurity is gaining more and more importance. Over the next 3 years, we have set ourselves the goal of maintaining our cyber resilience at the highest levels, both in the areas of identification and protection against threats, as well as in detection, response, and recovery.

Safe operation SDG

A group of people attends a talk sponsored by Repsol Foundation

[MM Imagen] PeoplePeople-focused objectives


We want to invest in people as well as promote their development and that of their social environment. Therefore, our ambitions encompass:

  • Establishing strong relationships where the Company has a presence.  

  • Safeguard people's safety with full respect of human rights.  

  • Committing to people and driving their development and that of their social context. 

  • Guaranteeing equal opportunities as a distinctive element of an integrated, diverse, and inclusive company.
People SDG
Shot of the Repsol Campus entrance

[MM Imagen] Ethics and transparencyEthics and transparency


We act with integrity wherever we are present. Therefore, our ambitions are as follow:

  • No cases of corruption in activities carried out by the Repsol Group.  

  • Achieve maximum national and international standards in terms of good governance. 

  • Be publicly recognized as an honest and transparent company in tax-related matters.
Ethics and transparency SDG
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Commitment to the SDGs

At Repsol, we support the 2030 Agenda for the UN's Sustainable Development and use the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a reference to establish our own priorities.

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